CVPR 2021 Workshop
Autonomous Driving: Perception, Prediction and Planning

June 19th


  • The deadline for submissions was extended to May 11!

  • April 1st: the submissions are now open, the deadline is April 30. See Call for papers for details.

  • April 30: We extend the submission deadline to May 11. See Call for papers for details.



What’s around the car?


What will likely happen next?


What should an AV do?


Autonomous driving research can improve society by reducing road accidents, giving independence to those unable to drive, and inspiring younger generations towards computer vision with tangible examples of the technology clearly visible on local streets in many cities around the world. The goal of this workshop is to draw attention to the problems connecting the whole perception, prediction and planning stack.
We hope to encourage mutually informed progress on all three components, including the fundamental challenges of autonomous driving such as few-shot generalization, domain adaptation, self-supervised or semi-supervised learning, and planning friendly perception models. Furthermore, the workshop intends to foster interdisciplinary communication of researchers working on autonomous driving from both academia and industry. Finally, we intend to kick off a planning competition powered by a real-world self-driving dataset, which, to the best of our knowledge, has never been done in autonomous driving before.

Invited Speakers

Raquel Urtasun

University of Toronto

Kilian Q. Weinberger

Cornell University

Dorsa Sadigh

Stanford University

Chen Wu


Sergey Levine

UC Berkeley

Sanja Fidler

University of Toronto, Nvidia

Anca Dragan

UC Berkeley

Shenlong Wang



Li Erran Li
Amazon Alexa AI,
Columbia University

Peter Ondruska
Lyft Level 5

Yan Wang
Cornell University

Sergey Zagoruyko
Lyft Level 5

Błażej Osiński
Lyft Level 5

Juan Carlos Niebles

Call for papers

We welcome authors to submit their papers in two different formats: full-paper version (4-8 pages) and short-abstract version (2-pages). The full-paper should describe the work that has not been published or accepted recently. The shot-abstract highlights the significant work that has been published or accepted recently. Please use the CVPR 2021 paper template and follow the CVPR submission guideline. Accepted papers will be posted on the website but there will not be archival proceedings.

The submission needs to be submitted to CMT system:


  • 2D/3D object detection for autonomous driving

  • Single/Multiple objects tracking

  • Motion prediction and planning for autonomous driving

  • Data-driven driving simulation

  • Reinforcement Learning and Imitation Learning for AV

  • Domain adaptation for autonomous driving

  • Sensor fusion for autonomous driving

  • Monocular/stereo depth estimation

Important Dates

  • Submission Open: April 1, 2021

  • Submission Deadline: April 30, May 11, 2021, 11:59 PM Pacific Time

  • Acceptance Decision: May 15, May 25, 2021

  • Camera Ready Deadline: June 10, 2021


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